Our members have served on the National and Regional levels of the Sorority with integrity, great leadership, and vision.

Current National Officers

Jonnie Hamilton , 1st Vice-President

Felicia Foster-Gipson, Dean of Membership


Past National Officers
Edna Batiste,   National Organizer
Willia Miller,  Editor-in-Chief of the Glowing Lamp
Mary Marshall,   National Second Vice President
Mary Helen Morris,  National Dean of Sponsors
Mary Helen Morris,  National President

Nutrena Tate, National Bylaw Chair 

Pamela Latimore, National Treasurer


Past National Committee Chairs
Gladys Manzo, MWRD Expansion Committee (region grew from four to eight regions under her direction)
Mary Marshall, National Scholarship Committee
Willia Miller, Regional Expansion Committee
Adele McSwain, Regional Expansion Committee
Vivian Dortch, Life Membership Committee


Current Middlewest Regional Officers

Linda Burks, Lambda Chi, Historian - present 

Nutrena Tate, Lambda Chi, Immediate Past Middlewest Regional Director -present 

Past Middlewest Regional Officers
Gladys Manzo,   Middlewest Regional Director
Mary Helen Morris,  Middlewest Regional Director
Willia Miller,   Middlewest Regional Director
Pamela Whitesell,  Middlewest Regional Director
Elvetta Walker, Middlewest Regional Director (while serving as Asst. MWR Director
Jonnie Hamilton,  Middlewest Regional Director
Bernice Williams,  Financial Secretary
Sarah Vaughn,   Financial Secretary
Sharon Culbreath,  Treasurer
Pamela Latimore,  Treasurer
Marcellette Carter,  Assistant Middlewest Regional Director

Nutrena Tate - Middlewest Regional Director


Current Chapter President

Janeice Hampton 2019-present 



Past Chapter Presidents:
Gladys Manzo   1965-1969 

Edna Batiste  1969-1971
Marilyn Allen   1971-1973 

Edna Batiste  1973-1975
Mary Marshall   1975-1977 

Elveta Walker  1977-1979
Mary H. Morris  1979-1983 

Vivian Dortch  1983-1987
Sarah Vaughn   1987-1991 

Pamela Whitesell 1991-1995
Pamela Latimore  1995-1999 

Margaret Matthews 1999-2000
Beverly Roberts  2000-2003 

Marcellette Carter 2003-2007
Beverly Baul   2007-2011 

Nutrena Tate  2011- 2014

Sharon Burnett 2014-2019