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The Founders of Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc.

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Chi Eta Phi National History

Chi Eta Phi Sorority is a professional organization of registered nurses and nursing students. Aliene C. Ewell, RN organized the Sorority on October 16, 1932 with the assistance of 11 other courageous registered nurses. The charter chapter, Alpha, was organized at Freedman’s Hospital in Washington D.C. for two specific purposes: (1) elevating the plane of nursing and (2) increasing interest in the field of nursing. The graduate and undergraduate (Beta) chapters are grouped into five regions according to geographic areas. The chapters are located throughout the United States, District of Columbia and St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Island. Guided by the motto “Service for Humanity”, the Sorority has Programs focusing on health promotion/disease prevention, leadership development, mentoring, recruitment, retention and scholarship.

Please browse our new website and learn more about Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc. and our Programs and Projects.

Middlewest Region History

The origin of our region began at the 1956 National Conference (Boulé) where a committee was given the charge to divide the United States into regional districts. It would be ten years before the region would be established. In March 1956, Rho chapter became the first Middlewest chapter to be chartered and in April 1956 the Middlewest Region was officially organized. The historic event took place at the Sheraton Jefferson Hotel in St. Louis Missouri. Chapters eligible for membership in the region are those located within the boundaries of the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Currently, the Middlewest Region has 14 graduate chapters and 5 undergraduate chapters.


A regional meeting is held annually and hosted by each chapter on a rotating basis. This meeting precedes the annual national meeting of the sorority. A regional director is elected from representatives of the constituent chapters and presides over the affairs of the region and the annual regional meeting. 

Chi Eta Phi Emblem - Color.png
Chi Eta Phi Emblem - Color.png

Lambda Chi Chapter History

The Lambda Chi Chapter of Chi Eta Phi Sorority was organized on November 13, 1965 in Detroit Michigan, at the home of Sarah Campbell Vaughn, with the support of Mamie Garland, National Organizer. It was the 27 th chapter of the organization.

Twenty-two dedicated and committed registered nurses began to carry the torch in Detroit, elevating the plane of nursing and striving to improve health care within the African American community.

These 22 members will be forever in the history of Lambda Chi as they focused on health promotion and disease prevention, recruitment and retention, mentoring, leadership development and have made many contributions to Lambda Chi.

Lambda Chi Charter Members

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1. Marilyn Allen
2. Louise Battle
3. Georgia Currie
4. Mildred Dantignac
5. Evelyn Davis
6. Gladys Dillard
7. Agnes Ellsworth
8. Della R. Jackson
9. Deborah Jackson
1o. June Koger
11. Zelma Knox
12. Gladys Manzo
13. Emma Moore
14. Mable Parsons
15. Elizabeth Smith
16. Mattie Stutermire​
17. Doris Suggs
18. Willie Mae Suggs
19. Betty Jean Thomas
20. Sarah Campbell Vaughn
21. Geraldine Whitmore
22. Lorraine Winston

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